Serving God in Dunnington & Broom

Dunnington Baptist Church
B49 5NX

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21st May, 2020

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What we believe

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“Dunnington Baptist Church exists to worship Almighty God, and to present His Son, Jesus Christ, in the love and power of His Holy Spirit, encouraging and enabling people to live a life of discipleship in Christ.

We believe in one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that scripture is God’s inspired word, and is entirely trustworthy for, and supreme authority in, all matters of faith and witness. We believe in the Lordship of Christ, God manifest in the flesh, in the power of His atoning work on the cross, in His bodily resurrection and ascension, and we look forward to His return as He promised. We believe in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit to inspire and transform lives.

We believe that the Church is called to be the body of Christ, and exists to glorify Almighty God and extend His Kingdom on earth, and that every believer has the responsibility to be a faithful witness to our Lord.”

We also believe that God has much to do in Dunnington & Broom and we welcome all who love our Lord Jesus Christ to share in fellowship with us and in the work He calls us to. Also, we very much welcome all who would like to know more about our faith.